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Leading Intellectuals of the World (Third Edition)

Born on 14 September 1938 in Samarcand, Uzbekistan, Vitali Nicolaevich Vasiliev is the chief scientific advisor for biocorrection of patients with wide range of paralyses of dopamine etiology, including Shoshina-Vasiliev syndrome and Vasiliev syndrome at clinical and medical centres in Bulgaria, Italy and Ukraine from 1993 to the present. He is married to Vassilieva Faina.
Dr. Vasiliev began his education in 1960 at the Faculty of Physiology at the Institute of Biology, Rostov-upon-Don. At v U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences in Moscow, he completed postgraduate courses at the Institute of Geochemistry in 1965 received a degree of Candidate of Biology in 1967. At the same academy, Dr. Vasiliev earned a Doctorate at the Laboratory Neurohumoral Regulation of Human and Animal Functions in 1975 then went on to earn a degree of Doctor of Biology in spa and aeronautics medicine in 1982. In 1985, he was named Professor of Sport Medicine Chair of the Central Institute of Physic Culture and Sports,. Moscow and in 1989 he was named Professor of Chair of the C.P.S.U. Central Committee High Party School, Stress and Distress Course, Moscow.
In addition to his current position as chief scientific advisor, Dr. Vasiliev has held positions of director of All-Union Centre Medical Care of Paralytic Patients (1990), head of Laboratory of Neurohumoral Research of Nueromuscular Pathology, Center Institute of Advanced Training of Doctors (1988), head of Neurohormonal Laboratory All-Union Scientific Centre of Medicine: Biologic Problems of Narcology (1987) and head of Neurohormonal Laboratory, Psycho-neurological Hospital No. 8 (Neuro: Clinics), Moscow (1979) and scientific adviser of Central Administrative Board (1980) all at the U.S.S.R. Ministry of Health. 1977, he was research assistant of the Institute of Psychiatry of the U.S.S.R. Academy of Medical Sciences in Moscow. This preceded by positions of senior staff scientist and head of Neurohormonal Laboratory of All-Union Research Institute of Hygiene of the U.S.S.R. Ministry of Communications in Moscow (1969); assistant of First Moscow Medical Institute (1965); and associate research assistant of the Laboratory of Radio Physiology at Rostov-upon-Don State University (1961).
Dr. Vasiliev has published approximately 400 scientific works including articles, monographs, books, textbooks, method handbooks, such as 'Application of Adrenograms in Neuroses Clinics (methodic recommendations)" approved by the U.S.S.R Ministry of Health in 1984, "Diagnostics and Treatment of Motor Disorders, Caused by Dopamine Metabolism (ShosinaA/asilit Syndrome)/' approved by the U.S.S.R, Ministry of Health in 1987 and Ministry of Health of Russia in 1988. He is the holder of 11 patents of the U.S.S.R., Russia, Spain, Italy, and PCT-Ceneva. In addition, Dr. Vasiliev is the author of Shoshina-Vasiliev Ida Syndrome and the Method of Biocorrection of Dopamine Etiology Diseases which was approved by the State Committee c Discoveries and Inventions at the U.S.S.R. Council of Ministers in 1984; the author of Vasiliev Syndrome Among Patients ■ Dimyelinating Diseases in 1984; and the author of Medicines for Biocorrection for the Wide Range of Paralyses with Dopamine Etiology,
A member of the editorial boards of the scientific journal IJCI-lnternational Journal of Clinical Investigation, "Dr's," University of Naples, Italy (1999), and scientific and practical journal Likarska Sprava-Vrachebnoye Deb ("Medical Science") of the Mi:.:: of Health of Ukraine, Kyiv (1999), Dr. Vasiliev is also a founding member of Pharmaceutical Medical Scientific International Ethical Committee at International Association Catholic Apostolate, Italy (2002). Founded by the patients are Moscow Association of Prof, Vasiliev's Disabled Patients, Russia (1991) and International of Prof. Vasiliev's Disabled Patients, Kyiv, Ukraine (1997).
The recipient of numerous awards and honors, Dr. Vasiliev received the U.S.S.R. Worker of Health with honours in :r: the International Film Festival (Mirabella, Italy) Prize Winner for Original Developments in Medicine, "II Carro D'ORO," 199-and Laureate of European Trade Unions premium in the field of medicine "Cavallino D'ORO," 1996. Also recognized in numerous reference works, they include Who's Who (Kyiv, Ukraine), Meditsina Zdorovye (Medicine Health), V Vasiliev, The Author Story in Brief in IjCI (2000), and in the book Prohlemi di bioetica, A. del Testa, "Dr's" (2000).


Outstanding Intellectuals of the World (Third Edition, 2005)

VASILIEV Vitali Nicolaevich, b. 14 September 1938, Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Medical Neuroendocrinologist. m. Faina Vasilieva. Education: Faculty of Physiology, Institute of Biology, Rostov-on-Don, 1960; Candidate of Biology Sciences, Institute of Geochemistry, 1967, Doctorate, Laboratory of Netirohumoral Regulation of Human and Animal Functions, 1975, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow; Doctor of Biology Sciences, Aerospace Medicine, Moscow, 1982; Professor of Sports Medicine Chair, Central Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, Moscow, 1985; Professor of Chair, CPSU Central Committee High Party School, 1989. Appointments include: Senior Staff Scientist, Head, Neurohormonal Laboratory, AU-Union Research Institute of Hygiene, 1069; Research Assistant, Institute of Psychiatry, USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, 1977; Head. Neurohormonal Laboratory, Psycho-neurological Hospital No 8, Moscow, 1979; Scientific Adviser Central Administrative Board, USSR Ministry of Health, 1980: Head Neuro-hormonal Laboratory, All-Union Scientific-Centre of Medico-Biologic Problems of Narcology. Moscow, 1987; Director, All-Union Centre of Medical Care of Paralytic Patients, USSR Ministry of health. 1990; Chief Scientific Advisor for biocorrection of patients with paralyses of dopamine aetology including Shoshina and Vasilyev Syndrome at clinical and medical centres in Bulgaria, Italy and Ukraine, 1993-2003. ] Publications: About 400 scientific works including article, monographs, books, textbooks and methodic I handbooks including: Application of Adrenograms in Neuroses Clinics, 1984; Diagnostics and Treatment of Motor Disorders Caused by Dopamine Metabolism j (Shoshina - Vasilyev Syndrome), 1987; 11 patents. Honours: USSR Worker of Public Health with Honours. 1982; II Carro d'Oro for Original Developments in Medicine, Mirabella, Italy, 1994 Laureat of European Trade Unions premium in the Field of Medicine, 1996; Man of the Year 2003, ABI, USA; listed in Who's Who publications and biographical dictionaries. Memberships: Editorial Boards: International Journal of Clinical j Investigation, 1999 and Likarska Sprava-Vrachebnoye Delo (Medical Science), 1999; Founding Member, I Pharmaceutical Medical Scientific International Ethical Committee, International Association Catholic j Apostolate, Italy, 2002.